“It was a warm night in 1916 Boston when I had just finished listening to one of my favourite records next to my dorm’s street-facing window. As the recording concluded, an ovation surprised me – my neighbours have been enjoying the moment in absolute silence. This could be considered the first Flaviada.”


“Las Flaviadas” are free weekly sessions of classical and modern music at the home of Don Flavio Machicado Viscarra, a former Bolivian industrialist and patron of the arts. Flavio Machicado started the sessions in 1922 as a social activity dedicated to promoting the love for universal music. At that time, Bolivia was still a primarily rural country, isolated from the larger cultural world. By 1938, the sessions were so successful that the house became a public space.

The house became a refuge for five generations of Bolivian artists and intellectuals. Among them were influential figures like Jaime Sáenz, Arturo Borda, Yolanda Bedregal, Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, Oscar Cerruto, Cecilio Guzmán de Rojas. Internationally renowned artists like Pau Casals (Barcelona) were aware of las Flaviadas and kept regular correspondence with the host. In 1954 the house was honoured by the visit of American composer and conductor of the New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein.

“Las Flaviadas” aim to promote the universal values of music. They do not linger in academic discussion, but strive to be accessible for a wider audience providing historical context and a high quality music selection. Sessions are produced by E. Machicado Saravia. Due to COVID19, they have moved to an online platform at https://www.mixcloud.com/LasFlaviadas/

At the time of the passing of FMV (1986), Las Flaviadas had already become an important local tradition. By 2014 this was officially acknowledged by the designation of Intangible Heritage of the City of La Paz (Ordenanza Municipal No. 103).

The spirit of Las Flaviadas continue today


The music collection is made up of an extensive collection of universal music with 8000 titles between 78RPM, 33RPM, 45RPM and 500 cd discs.

In addition to the core collection, the Foundation has received several generous donations from former Flavianos. We hold in trust the following private collections:

  • Jaime Saenz’s record collection
  • Arturo Orías record collection
  • Marcelo Urioste’s collection
  • Gerardo Killmann’s record collection
  • Aida Loza’s record collection
  • Fundación Cajias Kauffman record collection
  • Carlos Rosso’s record collection
  • José de Mesa’s and Teresa Gisbert’s record collection
  • Enrique Arnal and Marcial Tamayo’s record collection

Las Flaviadas were an efficient solution to modern cultural demand when it was practically impossible to access classical music. Moreover, the activity significantly impacted the development of paceño urban culture.

We are a growing community